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Hidden Fence Company’s invisible dog fence and invisible cat fence is an excellent and affordable solution for your dog containment and cat containment issues. Originally created in America in 1973 by Invisible Fence ®, Hidden Fence pioneered full service electronic pet containment solutions in Australia. Traditional dog escape proof fencing and cat enclosures often are not adequate pet containment solutions. Dogs are typically digging under or jumping over the fence, some even escape by simply pushing through. Containing cats can be even more difficult, as cats can easily jump over cat proof fencing without much effort.

Hidden fence has your escaping dog or escaping cat solution. Our Hidden Fence dealer network throughout Australia and New Zealand are specially trained to offer customers the best way to stop escaping behaviour. We use a combination of an electronic pet containment system (also known as Pet Hidden Fence, Dog Hidden Fence, Electric Hidden Fences, Invisible fence, Hidden fence, Electronic dog containment fence) manufactured by DogWatch Hidden fences, and reward based behavioural instruction to create guaranteed results.


Hidden fences have helped millions of pets stay safe at home since 1973. The idea of an invisible fence barrier eliminating escaping behaviour in dogs and cats has been well received in Australia and New Zealand both by vets and animal behaviourists.


The Hidden Fence Company is the official Australian and New Zealand distributor of the DogWatch Hidden Fence, the only professional grade brand in Australasia. The Hidden Fence Company network delivers on-site solutions, guaranteeing positive results.

Hidden Fence benefits from the experience of Vance Plummer, Director and Founder of The Hidden Fence Company. Vance’s 21 years experience with the invisible fence industry in America, ensures positive results. Vance has developed specific installation techniques and training protocols for electronic pet containment systems, along with working closely with top industry trainers and animal behaviour veterinarians.

“Electronic pet containment systems are an ideal way to contain your dog or cat. The key to success is a comprehensive install, in which details have not been sacrificed or overlooked. Most importantly is the training. Training and instruction is 75% of the reason why your pet will stay home. Many customers have tried to purchase “do it yourself” kits and have failed to make them work for one reason or another. We guarantee the success of your system which will provide years of trouble free pet ownership because we are on-site at your property; that is true service and professionalism.  We are in the business of stopping your pets escaping behaviour”
Vance Plummer-Director


Hidden Fence has the most experience keeping dogs and cats from escaping than anyone in Australia. Our combination of technology and training has dominated the electronic pet containment industry in success rate.


When you contact the Hidden Fence Company you are contacting local people that can give you on-site service and support. Hidden Fence is not a “web based business” which simply boxes up a DIY kit and posts it to you with an invoice attached.

Hidden fence will visit you on-site, meet you and your pet, and help you determine which solution is best for your situation.

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