BigLeash Receiver Collars

The BigLeash receiver collars deliver Big Features in a small package. Weighing just 1.6 oz., the BigLeash collar fits comfortably on even the smallest dogs, yet is tough enough for even the most rambunctious tail-wagger.


FireFly® Nightlight

logo-firefly-strokeAll BigLeash receivers have two LED light bars that can be activated from your BigLeash transmitter with the push of a button. The FireFly feature is great for walking your dog at night or locating him in the dark.

S-15 Remote Trainer:

Stimulation: S-15 receivers have 15 levels of stimulation making it easy to find the most effective and comfortable level for your dog.

Brief & Continuous: The S-15 includes both a ‘Brief’ signal option and a ‘Continuous’ option so you have the right type of signal for the situation and your dog’s level of distraction.

Audible/Vibration: In addition the stimulation signals, the S-15 receiver includes separate audible and vibration signals. Sometimes a simple warning signal is all you need.

V-10 Vibration Trainer

Vibration: V-10 receivers have 10 vibration levels, low levels for sensitive dogs and higher levels for hyper more active dogs. Works very well for getting the attention of deaf dogs.

Audible: In addition the vibration signals, the V-10 receiver includes a separate audible signal to help you get your dog’s attention.