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Dog Walking Trainer by SideWalker

Dog-walking-collarWho’s Walking Who? Does your dog walk you?

This is an industry first, a collar that automatically adjusts and influences your dog to walk on the lead properly!! Feature Summary: Waterproof, Long Rechargeable Battery Life, and more…see below. Quality dog leash trainer. One of the best dog training leashes. The new DogWatch “SideWalker” dog walking collar is a state-of-the-art dog walking trainer device that allows you to walk your dog without him pulling you down the street. This dog walking collar is like no other. It has multiple microprocessors and sensors to determine when to apply influence to your dog when he pulls on lead while walking. The sidewalkers advanced technology teachers your dog not to pull excessively. This product is a safe and better alternative to using a halter collar or choke collar. The variable vibration or e-stimulation can determine how much the dog pulls while walking, then make equal and subtle stimulation adjustments to minimise the pulling on lead. Many customers notice a difference in the first 30 to 50 meters of walking, that their dogs walking has improved nearly 100% since walking out the door.

  • Digital Software
  • 5 adjustable settings, including vibration
  • Progressive levels within each setting
  • Waterproof Collar
  • Low battery indicator LED
  • Lightweight
  • 1-Year Full Warranty


INTRO PRICE: $184.80 inclusive